Conflict (The Cause of Tomorrow, Jihad, The Other, Casus Belli)


7th FIBERART Biennale 2012
Nantong, China

Distinguished Educator Exhibition 2012
Crane Building, Philadelphia, PA

The Fiber Art Biennial 2008
-Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA  


Cause of Tomorrow: indigo-dyed Korean ramie and acrylic

 Jihad: paint on paper

Casus Belli: appliqued felt  

The Other, Then and Now: digital print on Italian cotton  


281.9 x 94 cm
x 182.9 cm
188 x 271.8 cm
39.4 x 119.4 cm
(Same order of pieces as Materials.)


  Left to right:
The Cause of Tomorrow w/ detail

The Cause of Tomorrow  detail

Jihad 2

Jihad 3

Jihad 3 detail

The Other, Then and Now
w/ detail
The Other, Then and Now detail

Casus Belli I

Casus Belli I detail